RedpwnCTF - Forensics - Molecule Shirts

August 16, 2019

RedpwnCTF 2019 – Molecule Shirts

Category : Forensics Description : Apparently, this picture has a name? The flag is in the format flag{name}.


We were given a picture of a big chemical molecule. Doing image search on google leads me to this website: Hum, same name as the challenge name, We are on the right way

There is a section on the site explaining how to form the molecule:

The description of the challenge is saying “this picture has a name”… Let’s look at the “your name in molecules!” section:

From here, We know that the first letter of the name is drawn on the left. So let’s check A,B,C… until we have a match between the left part of our image and the left part of the name…

After some tests, the molecule is a DRAMSTRON and the associated name is DR.ARMSTRONG

flag: flag{DR.ARMSTRONG}